BubbleBee is a therapy centre that specializes in helping children to overcome speech and language related problems.
Babbling, busy bees, blowing bubbles, buzzing, spelling bees and other word associations, plus love for therapy and our little clients, enthusiasm and the need to create unique place for speech and language treatment. That was our start in 2006.

After the years we desire our work even more. It is our joy to observe (and to participate in the experience) genuine curiosity and interest in the world of the children under our care. We strive to keep ourselves to date with current research through continuing professional development (attending courses). At the same time, we learn and evolve with every new case we are attending to.

Our motto is to provide efficient therapy with as little stress imposed on the children as possible. That is why children like to attend our therapy where they can play, have fun and simultaneously develop their speech and communication skills.

Please feel welcome to browse our pages and learn more about us, the range of therapies available and the activities provided by the centre.

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